Maurice Lacroix Watches

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Maurice Lacroix is a luxury Swiss watchmaker headquartered in Zürich and based in the Canton of Jura.

Maurice Lacroix was founded in 1975 in Sainelegier, a town located in the hills of Jura. The company was established as part of Desco von Schulthess of Zurich, an older company with roots in the silk trade, which was founded in 1889. Since 1946, Desco has been a representative for high end watches, including Audemars Piguet, Eterna, Heuer, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Over the years, Desco became more interested in the watch business, and in 1961, Desco acquired an assembly facility named Tiara in Saignelégier in the Swiss Canton of Jura.

There, it produced private-label watches for third parties. In 1975, Desco began marketing watches under the brand Maurice Lacroix. A member of the board of Desco von Schulthess, the parent & founding company of Maurice Lacroix, who was named Mr. Lacroix. From 1975 to the early 1980s, the company experienced significant growth in Europe.

By 1980, Maurice Lacroix was so successful that the facility in Saignelégier ceased producing for third parties.

Maurice Lacroix acquired the case maker Queloz S.A., also based in Saignelégier, in 1989. The ability to make watch cases in-house makes Maurice Lacroix distinctive compared to other luxury watchmakers.

Maurice Lacroix’s high-end “Les Mécaniques” line, later named “Masterpiece,” drove their success in the 1990s. Their traditional techniques and unique movements elevated them to top Swiss watch manufacturers. They expanded to Asia and the US in this decade.

As of 2010, Maurice Lacroix watches have around 220 employees worldwide, and their products are sold in around 4,000 shops in more than sixty countries globally.

Maurice Lacroix unites the worlds of urban style, Swiss craftsmanship and creativity to make luxury timepieces that deliver high perceived value.

The team of craftspeople are passionate about product excellence. By paying close attention to the most minor details, they have gained a reputation for producing accessible luxury watches.

Throughout their history, Maurice Lacroix has imagined new methods of expressing time, released an array of complications, conceived thought-provoking, avant-garde designs, and embraced various cutting-edge materials. Our creativity has also extended to their approach to marketing. For example, they have employed digital promotional games and community design development.