Raymond Weil Watches

It started in 1976, during a watch industry crisis, when Mr Raymond Weil decided to start his own company and turn his vision of what Swiss watchmaking should be into actual timepieces that would bring a new dimension to the industry. Enthusiasts, amateurs, and connoisseurs alike, immediately praised Mr Weil’s creations. Once settled in Switzerland and carried along by both his enthusiasm and his experience, the founder of RAYMOND WEIL explored Europe and eventually the world to form an international network. RAYMOND WEIL is now a famous brand and one of the flagships of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Music heavily influenced the brand’s identity, reflected in the names of its collections. As early as 1983, the brand launched the Amadeus collection, named after the famous Austrian composer Mozart, in conjunction with Milos Forman’s renowned film. This was just the beginning, as more music-inspired collection names were to follow, such as Fidelio, named after Beethoven’s only opera.

The brand’s personality was further shaped by several iconic collections, such as Toccata, the feminine Fantasia, and the avant-garde Othello, created in 1986 to celebrate RAYMOND WEIL’s tenth anniversary. Othello is particularly noteworthy for its blend of refined design and cutting-edge technology, as well as its ultra-thin timepieces.

In the early nineties, RAYMOND WEIL marked a new step in the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry by launching Parsifal and Tango collections. The Tradition collection was also created at the same time. The brand also consolidated its commitment to the arts through advertising campaigns portraying dancers in mid-air.

In 1999, RAYMOND WEIL established a Research & Development department responsible for numerous innovations like the Two Time Zones complication and the patented interchangeable bracelet system. Later, the Don Giovanni Così Grande collection was introduced, further establishing their watchmaking expertise and technological precision.

In 2006, Elie and Pierre Bernheim joined RAYMOND WEIL to ensure family continuity and stability. They introduced high-tech collections like Nabucco and Freelancer, including the first split-second chronograph with a power-reserve indicator for the company. In 2009, Noemia was launched as a lady’s collection.

RAYMOND WEIL’s Maestro collection, introduced in 2010, featured innovative pushbuttons for easy setup and impressive complications, such as the Maestro Phase de Lune Semainier. The brand also strengthened its partnership with the music industry through collaborations with major events like the BRIT Awards since 2008.

In 2011, RAYMOND WEIL launched the feminine collection “Jasmine” for its 35th anniversary. The brand also introduced a new advertising campaign with the tagline “Precision is my Inspiration”, featuring watches worn by models in the Victoria Concert Hall in Geneva. The following year, RAYMOND WEIL launched another campaign that showcased its musical and artistic influences with beautiful images of musical scores taking off, revealing the brand’s watch creations illuminated by a halo of light.

Today, RAYMOND WEIL watches are Geneva-based and have been a family concern for three generations. Founded in 1976 by Raymond Weil, the grandfather of the current CEO, Elie Bernheim, the company has been successful in the watch industry for over 40 years, with creativity, watchmaking knowledge, accessibility, and independence as its core values.