U-Boat Watches

In 1942, the Italian Navy commissioned the design and production of wristwatches that met specific technical requirements for its pilots. Ilvo Fontana created the initial sketches for a durable wristwatch with a bold design, ensuring maximum visibility and water resistance. The result was a distinctive timepiece that fulfilled the Navy’s needs.

In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, finds the precious designs. They became his source of inspiration for designing the first UBOAT watch and the motto: A New Dimension in Time. As such, the U-BOAT journey began.

In a few years, U-BOAT opened several single-brand boutiques, and the brand was sold in shops all over the world. U-BOAT watches are currently available in over 60 markets.

Identity is the U-BOAT brand keyword, a unique design that is easily recognised. All of Italo Fontana’s creations feature a large crown on the left side of the case and a defined look that exudes reliability and power.

Proud of its Swiss movement, each watch is created and assembled by craftsmen in the Lucca headquarters, reflecting the craftsmanship and “Made in Tuscany” factor.

Experimentation and innovation lie at the heart of U-BOAT’s watch creation process. The brand uses long-lasting materials in their purest form, including steel, titanium, tungsten, carbon, bronze, gold, silver, and ceramic.

Additionally, U-BOAT uses other materials that continuously evolve, such as uncoated bronze or untreated silver, which naturally change shades over time. This makes each watch unique and alive in its ever-changing form.