Grand Seiko Watches

Grand Seiko is a high-end luxury watch brand that was founded in 1960 with the goal of creating the “perfect” watch. The first Grand Seiko was launched in 1960, and it was the first chronometer-grade watch made in Japan. The 44GS watch model brought in the iconic Grand Seiko watches look, which the company still follows today.

Grand Seiko introduced its first quartz watch, the 95GS, in 1988. The company’s watchmaking technology had advanced, tastes had changed, and time had passed, leading to a new generation of Grand Seiko mechanical watches in the mid-1990s. Seiko Spring Drive manages to fulfil its promise of being the only watch that tells time in a way that is similar to nature.

The first Grand Seiko Spring Drive was released in 2004, combining traditional mainspring with electronic regulator for high precision. The Spring Drive GMT, with a GMT function, was introduced in 2005, perfect for international travellers.

The Spring Drive Chronograph accurately measures elapsed time thanks to its glide motion second-hand. It times up to 12 hours with precision of one second per day, ensuring precise button action with its column wheel and vertical clutch mechanisms.