Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes. The company is renowned for creating exclusive timepieces characterised by complicated movements and original designs. Due to their strong in-house capabilities in numerous fields of Haute Horlogerie, they have quickly become one of the best Swiss horlogerie brands.

Franck Muller started his career in watchmaking, intending to create extremely complicated watches. He worked in his workshop on timepieces that would become exceptional world premieres. In 1991, Vartan Sirmakes challenged him to transform a small production into the prestigious Franck Muller brand it is today

In 2004, Franck Muller revolutionised the watchmaking industry by creating the first-ever tri-axial tourbillon in the world. This exceptional technical feat is only available from Franck Muller and results from one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie. The Revolution 3 is a stunning complication highlighting Franck Muller’s watchmaking expertise.

Franck Muller watches are easily recognisable by their Cintrée Curvex shape, the brand’s most significant silhouette. It quickly became an enormous success and expressed its unique identity.

All the mechanical watchmaking complications invented by Franck Muller are developed in their workshops. From the initial sketch to the execution of the plans, with the construction of a prototype, through to overseeing the production, every step of manufacturing a Franck Muller watch is carefully followed to its completion.

The degree of hand finishing and craftsmanship on Franck Muller watches, and their grand complications is exemplary within the sector. The consideration, patience and attention given to each component is second to none.