Vacheron Constantin Watches

With elegance, simplicity, and creativity, each Vacheron Constantin watch bears a signature and unique aesthetic. Each timepiece tells its story: a living legacy and a promise for the future.

Since 1755, watchmaking excellence has been an enduring quest. Beyond its remarkable history, there are many untold stories about watchmaking. A timepiece truly comes alive only through the eyes of its owner. People like His Majesty King Farouk I of Egypt and Marlon Brando fully embodied the Maison’s vision of time.

Vacheron Constantin’s watches uninterrupted history of 265 years owes its foundations to daring and determined visionaries – its fathers. Today, their heritage remains at the heart of Vacheron Constantin’s approach, with their personalities still reflected in a relentless pursuit of excellence, a spirit of innovation, and the ticking of every movement that comes out of the Manufacture

The principle of “always in motion,” which is specific to the Maison, is even more valid when it comes to a collection of vintage watches. Once the Heritage Department acquires these watches, they are thoroughly authenticated and restored according to the highest standards of craftsmanship, with the ultimate aim of offering them for sale. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the Maison who wish to own an antique model experience intense emotions while reviving these rare pieces.

Excellence and stringent standards are deeply rooted in the Maison’s DNA and recognized well beyond the manufacture. This is evident by the mark that some pieces have left on fine watchmaking.