Chanel Watches

Nestled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the heart of the watchmaking capital is the CHANEL Watch Manufacture. Since 1987, every timepiece that the Creation Studio has conceptualised has come to life in this unique place. It brings together the passion of expert artisans, the excellence of traditional savoir-faire, and the precision of innovative technical tools.

From the beginning, CHANEL has developed and assembled all its watches in this location. Every new CHANEL timepiece is created through the close collaboration of many complementary professionals, driven by the same impetus. The Swiss master watchmakers work hand in hand with the Creation Studio in Paris to bring each design to fruition. The Watch Creation Studio is located at Place Vendôme in Paris, steps away from rue Cambon, the epicentre of the CHANEL universe.

The designers’ creative gestures are followed by the master watchmakers’ skill and meticulousness, who then bring to life the ambitions of the Creation Studio at the CHANEL Watch Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The partnership between the Creation Studio and the CHANEL Watch Manufacture is centred on the principle of technique of allure and style.

Every stage of the development and production process is handled within the CHANEL Watch Manufacture. The traditional savoir-faire of zealous men and women meets the precision of innovative technological tools. This balance of past and future, human proficiency and industrial accuracy ensures the excellence of CHANEL watches.